Our Church: Called to be a reflection of who God is. What does this ask of us?

Nerney CatherineCatherine Nerney, SSJ
September 22, 2019

Vatican Council II called the church to reclaim its core identity in the Communion of God's own Life-a Divine Life revealed and experienced as "COMPASSION." If that Life of God has birthed the church, then compassion is the church's very DNA. Sister Catherine Nerney SSJ explored with us what this means in our troubled times, what this asks of us, and how we can do our part to rebuild a church that God might recognize as a more authentic divine/human self-gift to the world and our planet.

Sr. Catherine Nerney SSJ, a Sister of St. Joseph of Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia received her Ph.D in systematic theology from The Catholic University of America. Currently, she is Associate Professor of Religious Studies at Chestnut Hill College and Director of its Institute for Forgiveness and Reconciliation. Dr. Nerney's area of specialization is the Theology of the Church. Sister Cathy's latest publication is titled The Compassion Connection, Recovering Our Original Oneness

(Orbis Books, 2018). The gift of and need for compassion has become central to Cathy's understanding of the very character of God, the mission of Jesus and the life and work entrusted to us. She says, "What a challenge to realize that, like Jesus, we are called to be in the world who God is. None of us can respond to this invitation alone. We need each other; together we grow into God."