A Talk and Book-Signing held with Activist, Author and Nobel Peace Prize Nominee John Dear

Sunday, March 25John451GRjpm7zQL
Saint Mark Lutheran Church

Morristown, NJ

In this landmark work, They Will Inherit the Earth: Peace and Nonviolence in a Time of Climate Change, author, activist and Nobel peace prize nominee Father John Dear connects the way of active nonviolence with solidarity with Creation, and shows how our global epidemic of violence and war could only lead to catastrophic climate change. He cites Jesus’ third Beatitude as the basis for his meditation: "Blessed are the meek, they will inherit the earth." Thomas Merton said "meekness" was the biblical word for “nonviolence” (in the Gandhi/King sense), so Dear reflects how Jesus connected nonviolence with oneness with creation, how he practiced nonviolence and lived at one with creation, and how we need to do the same.

In this time of terrifying climate chaos, John Dear shares his own personal journey from the Upper West Side of Manhattan to the high desert of New Mexico where he now lives off the grid on a remote mesa. He shares his experience serving as a pastor in the mission church at Yosemite; encounters with New Mexican indigenous women who live at one with the earth while resisting nuclear weapons production at Los Alamos; his experience at Standing Rock in North Dakota, resisting the pipeline; reflections on the work of environmental leader Bill McKibben and Pope Francis’ monumental encyclical on the environment, "Laudato Si";and ends with suggested steps forward into conscious, mindful solidarity with all creatures and Mother Earth through active, steadfast nonviolence, what he calls, “eschatological nonviolence,” walking the earth in the footsteps of the nonviolent Jesus into the Kingdom of God.

In his talk and book-signing, he will invite us to rise to the occasion, deepen our nonviolence, take new steps into active solidarity with Mother Earth and suffering humanity, and do what we can to welcome a new culture of peace and nonviolence. In his evening talk and book-signing, he will invite us to rise to the occasion, deepen our nonviolence, take new steps into active solidarity with Mother Earth and suffering humanity, and do what we can to welcome a new culture of peace and nonviolence.

Rev. John Dear is a long time peace activist, lecturer and teacher, and is the author of 35 books including Thomas Merton Peacemaker; Lazarus Come Forth!; Living Peace; The Nonviolent Life; and The Beatitudes of Peace. He has been nominated many times for the Nobel Peace Prize, including by Archbishop Desmond Tutu. He works with CampaignNonviolence.org and the Vatican Nonviolence Initiative and lives in New Mexico. 

Learn more at www.johndear.org

Neuroscience and Well-Being: How Spirituality Affects Our Health and DNA

Anne Kertz KernionSophia Inclusive Catholic Community
Invites You to Their Third Annual Weekend Retreat

Retreat Facilitator
Anne Kertz Kernion
Owner/Artist of Cards by Anne and Author of A Year of Spiritual Companionship

Friday Evening May 31 to
Sunday Morning June 2, 2019

St. Marguerite's Retreat House
82 West Main Street, Mendham, NJ 07945 


Our spiritual habits affect our physical and emotional health in a variety of ways. We will explore recent findings in neuroscience showing how these spiritual practices slow aging in our cells, keep our brains healthy and nimble, reduce stress, and bring more health, happiness and compassion to our lives

To learn more and to register, click here.

2019 Lenten Book Discussion

Creation and the Cross

We will be discussing Book VI of Creation and the Cross: The Mercy of God for a Planet in Peril by Elizabeth Johnson on Sunday, March 24, 2019 at 3:30 p.m. at St. Mark's Lutheran Church, 100 Harter Road, Morristown, NJ. Read the review here.

Charlie Saco has outlined the first part of the book and Carole Rogers will lead the discussion of putting prophecy into practice. Please refer to her discussion outline here.

Please share flyer for the event located here.

Save the Date!

Writer Jamie Manson coming to VOTFNJ!

Sunday April 28, 2019

3:30 p.m.
St. Mark's Lutheran Church
100 Harter Road, 
Morristown, NJ

More to come ...

In the Prophetic Tradition: Raise Your Voice!

VOTFNJ NCR 2019 1Dear VOTFNJ brothers and sisters,

The self-inflicted wound of the clerical sexual abuse crisis has brought our beloved Church to the point of implosion--at least the hierarchical clerical culture of our Church. It is, in one way, a good thing! This means that the wound has been exposed and now the healing may begin; the rebuilding of the Church can commence. What is good can be retained and what has gone off course can be rooted out and left behind.

As members of the laity, committed to our baptismal promises, we can - and must - participate in the rebuilding of our beloved local New Jersey church. In this packet of materials you will find helpful resources, appropriate contact information, and informative background articles. May we suggest a few things that we all can do to move the healing forward?

VOTFNJ has developed an Action Packet of practical steps you can take to confront the abuse crisis in our Church. Hard Copies will be also available at liturgies. 

Speaking Truth to Power: Prophets Then and Now

Daniel Cosacchi to Speak

Sunday , October 28, 2018
3:30 p.m.
St. Mark's Lutheran Church
100 Harter Rd., Morristown, NJ

The kick off to a year-long program dealing with the role of prophets and prophecy in society will introduce us 
to some Hebrew prophets, who they were, what kind of societies they came from, and how they might be examples for us.

Our presenter is Daniel Cosacchi, the Canisius Postdoctoral Fellow and Lecturer of religious studies at Fairfield University and a contributor to America, the Jesuit Review. He received a doctorate in theology and ethics from Loyola University Chicago in 2016, having written a dissertation on the ecological impacts of warfare and the ramifications for Catholic social thought. He is co-editor of The Berrigan Letters: Personal Correspondence between Daniel and Philip Berrigan (Orbis Books, 2016).

Join Us to Support Refugees in New Jersey

 Refugee Assistance Update

RAMP tag stackedAt VOTFNJ's invitation, a steering committee for refugee assistance held its first organizational meeting on May 23, 2016 at St. Peter's Episcopal Church. The result: a coalition of 14 member organizations which have named themselves, Refugee Assistance Morris Partners (RAMP). Their stated purpose: "...to assist vetted Middle Eastern and other refugee families to transiton to productive lives of dignity, safety, and hope in the Morris County area of New Jersey." The group has partnered with World Church Service (WCS) and with the Community Foundation of New Jersey (CFNJ).

Learn more about RAMP here.
Learn more about RAMP's partnership with CFNJ here.
Donate to RAMP here.

Year-End Update of our RAMP Families here.
Here is a Prayer for Refugees.






VOTF National News & Views

votfnj sStay in touch and informed!

Read In the Vineyard and stay abreast of VOTF national activities and views here.

Advocate for the reform of the Statute of Limitation for child sex abuse victims in New Jersey and other states. Read VOTF Statute of Limitation Reform: Advocacy Guide here.

Lay Input in the Bishop Selection Process

The VOTF National proposal would restore to the selection process many of the lay-involvement practices followed throughout the first millennium and well into the second, and, at the same time, it would recognize the authority of the pope (as affirmed in Canon Law and Vatican II) to make the final appointment of a bishop, generally from the recommendations submitted for each diocese.

To facilitate lay involvement, VOTF National hosts a web form that enables Catholics in any U.S. diocese to send their thoughts on the needs of their diocese and the qualities they deem important for their next bishop directly to the U.S. Apostolic Nuncio. Learn more.

And ...

Coordinating Team Member Bernice Anglin has compiled an Overview of National Voice of the Faithful's Second Annual Study of the Online Financial Transparency of U.S. Catholic Dioceses with an emphasis on NJ Diocesan findings.

Road to Recovery

VOTFNJ is pleased to support ...

Road to RecoveryRoad to Recovery, a non-profit organization that offers compassionate counseling and referral services to survivors of sexual abuse. Launched in 2005 to provide direct assistance to victims of clergy sexual abuse, R2R has expanded its mission to include survivors of all sexual abuse. Learn more.

Next Eucharistic Celebration

Eucharistic Liturgy

Dick Rento, presider
bread and wine 1024x880

Sunday, March 17, 2019
3:30 - 5:30 PM*
Saint Mark Lutheran Church
100 Harter Road, Morristown, NJ

*In the case of inclement weather, an email announcement of cancellation will be sent on Sunday morning.





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Living the Gospel - Intentional Eucharistic Communities

Intentional Eucharistic Communities (IECs) are those small faith communities, rooted in the Intentional Eucharistic CommunitiesCatholic tradition, which gather to celebrate Eucharist on a regular basis. Born in the enthusiasm flowing from Vatican II for a church of the people, some IECs were instituted in parishes, some were created as alternatives to the parish, some retain close ties with the institutional church, and some function independently. VOTFNJ considers itself to be an Intentional Eucharistic Community. Another New Jersey area IECs is the Sophia Inclusive Catholic Community (Andover, NJ), founded by a VOTFNJ member, Mary Ann Schoetlly.

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